About Me

Yep, that’s me right there and I can’t tell you how glad I am that you stopped by. I know the world is a busy place and I also know that for many of you it feels kind of crazy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt that way but I’ve spent the last several years off the rollercoaster! I guess some of that comes with getting a few miles on ones odometer but the rest is a learning curve and then making the choice to put into practice what one has learned. There are still plenty of problems and lots of issues that find their way to my doorstep but I’ve learned to quickly decide which ones I can do something about and which ones are just there to make noise and cause unrest and distraction. Those troublemakers get kicked swiftly to the curb!

My heart beats to contribute encouragement to the lives of women all around me. I know where you’re at moms of little ones! I’ve got seven of my own! Well, they were little once, now they range in age from 19 to 35! I’m so proud of these remarkable young adults, three of whom have now become moms themselves and we are so blessed ¬†at the way they love and parent our little grands.

I’m also the mom of a child that grew in my heart after he was born and placed in my arms at ten days old. He had a rough beginning, and someday soon I’ll share the story of our sweet guy with you.

I love to cook, I love family gatherings, I love making a house a home and I spend way too much time on Pinterest!

Some nuts and bolts things about me? Sure. Wife of a cowman who makes our entire living from raising cattle and making boots, saddles, leggings, etc… mom of seven, grandmother of seven, registered nurse, (my career years have been spent as a nursery, L&D and hospice nurse). Any questions about babies, pregnancy, breastfeeding, pot roasts, removing marker from toddler faces and the walls, surviving the empty nest or keeping your feet grounded on this side of sanity, let me know! If I don’t know the answer I’ll find it!

Welcome, dear heart, I’m so glad you’re here. I’ll work hard to offer you things that enrich your life and won’t waste your precious time. Take what you need, let the rest go on by and know I’m so grateful we’ve found one another!