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I'm Joycesarah
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I'm so thankful that you stopped by and I hope you find someting that encourages your heart in the pages of my little home on the big web.

Hello lovely, I know the world is a crazy place, and so much seems completely out of our control. Well, it seems out of our control because it is out of our control. The good news is this, God is trustworthy! Nothing is out of the control of the Father. We all have hard moments and hard things that we journey through but because of Christ we are never alone. Sometimes He lets us know He is there by speaking directly to our conflicted and troubled hearts and sometimes it is through the thoughtfulness or nearness of a friend and other times it might be right from nature. Regardless of how the message comes you can always be sure it is present because of the Father's love for you. We don't have to strive or worry about being always in control because we have the Savior who holds all the keys. (If you aren't sure what I mean by that send me an email and I'll explain.)

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Josh Shipp said that we either become bitter or better and from where I am in life-past the half-century mark thank you very much-I can usually quickly identify  both types of people. Because of Jesus, I have no bitter root that has birthed a vigorous plant!

I genuinely love bringing encouragement to others.

Like so many of you, I haven't always walked an easy road. There have been times when I have been treated unfairly, and I regret to say there have been times I have treated others unfairly. I have a laundry list of hurts and painful experiences, but I also have a list of tremendous blessings. For instance, I saw the sun come up just today, and I count that as a sign of a good day! Even if I miss sun-up, the fact that I wake-up is a blessing beyond measure! Somewhere, somehow, there is always a blessing to be found.

I am a woman of hope. My life is not perfect, my children aren't perfect, my husband is not perfect, my family isn't perfect, but I know the One who makes all wrongs right!

Because I know myself, I think it is downright scandalous that Jesus loves me with such reckless abandon. He has saved my life, and I rejoice because the Savior of the whole world knows each of us!

I love the song that proclaims Jesus loves me this I know... But I really like to sing it this way; Jesus knows me this I love!

It doesn't exactly rhyme with the following line: ...for the bible tells me so...but it sure speaks my heart!

Can we be friends? I know we might not ever get to actually visit with one another over a cup of tea or something, but I'd love to learn more about you, and I'd love to encourage you on your journey. Please feel free to connect with me on social media or fill out the contact form on this website or if you are planning an event and need a hope-bringer, give me a shout because I'd love to come your way!

Here are a few nuts and bolts about me. I am the wife of a working cowboy who makes our entire living from raising cattle and making boots, saddles, leggings, etc. I am a mom of seven adult children and a grandmother of thirteen. I am a registered nurse. My career years have been spent in the newborn nursery, the labor and delivery unit, practicing as a hospice nurse, working in pediatrics-most specifically working with children with Cystic Fibrosis. I am honored to have served beside some of the most ingenious nurses I have ever known while on the Navajo reservation, and I've rounded out my career by serving in nursing administration as a Chief Nursing Officer in a rural hospital.

Being married to a working cowboy who is a ranch foreman means I have also put my nursing skills to work on laboring heifers, snotty calves, colicky horses, injured cats, dogs, deer, squirrels, raccoons, lizards, chickens, and other various birds. I've also had a few baby calves that had to temporarily live in my living room and I'm proud to say I never complained,  only complained a little. Okay, what I actually said about the calves on the living room floor was something like, "Jess McCabe! Have you lost your mind!" It was early in our marriage and I was pregnant at the time so there's that little tidbit of info too.

Jess and I are empty nesters now and for awhile I thought that meant I was done living. Being a mom with a houseful of lively young ones was my favorite thing ever and when that season ended I was pretty sad. For a long time. Too long.

And now I'm going too long with all of this! I really would like to know more about you, truly. Feel free to reach me by email-it's on the contact page-or via social media. I'd love to hear about the nuts and bolts of your life. 🙂

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