We're the McCabes, and we live on a commercial cattle ranch in the middle of Texas. We've shared over three decades of love and life together. It has sometimes been easy, sometimes complicated, and always, it's been an adventure. Marrying a working cowboy is not something I ever thought I would do, but here I am, not regretting one minute of my life with Jess McCabe. We hope you'll sign up for our monthly newsletter by joining our mailing list. It's where we share what's going on under our small slice of sky and hope to encourage you.

We know things aren't as easy as they sometimes appear, especially for those who make their living in agriculture. Still, we know that every sunrise brings new possibilities, and every sunset whispers tales of enduring bonds.

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The Soul of a Cowboy

Writing this book involved a journey of over 12,000 miles of both smooth and very rugged terrain to gather the raw and authentic stories of working cowboys. These aren't only tales of cow and horse wrecks; they delve deep into the heart of the cowboy culture, exploring the challenges of deep regrets, seemingly insurmountable odds, grief, alcoholism, pride, and the suffocating grip of struggling for self-reliance.

Amidst the dust and turmoil of their lives, something truly remarkable is uncovered: the transformative power of faith. These cowboys, whose occupation is as tangible as the dirt beneath their boots, share how they found Jesus Christ and how His presence has radically reshaped their existence. No longer bound by self-condemnation and guilt, they live with a newfound sense of purpose and freedom.

The Soul of a Cowboy is a book where faith, grit, and the love of Jesus intersect in the lives of these remarkable men, who not only ride for the brand but also for the Kingdom.

Jess and I both have a heart for teaching, encouraging, and hearing the laughter of others. We have been known to travel far and wide for speaking engagements and events and would genuinely love to meet you. If you're scheduling an event and would like to have either or both of us come, we'd be honored if you would click over to the contact page and reach out. We will be quickly in touch and can't wait to meet you!
We have a heart for teaching, encouraging, and hearing laughter, and we would genuinely love to meet you. If you're scheduling an event and would like either or both of us to come, we'd be honored to meet you! You can reach us by clicking on the contact button below.

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