I'm Joycesarah

A cowboy's wife whose life unfolds against the rugged backdrop of Texas, where the sun-kissed soil meets the expansive skies. 

I'm the devoted wife of a working cowboy and ranch manager, and together, we tend to a herd of black baldy cattle, nurturing not just a livelihood but a way of life deeply rooted in tradition.
Beyond my role as a cowboy's partner, I'm the nurturing matriarch of a sprawling family with seven grown children and a remarkable brood of fifteen grandchildren. My commitment to family values, forged over three decades of marriage, is as unyielding as the bonds I share with my loved ones. Faith forms the cornerstone of my existence, guiding me through the joys and challenges of life on the ranch and beyond.


In addition to my roles within the family and ranch, I channel my passion for storytelling into my work as a writer. Through my columns in the Lampasas Dispatch Record or my freelance projects, I weave tales of life, love, and legacy, capturing the essence and struggles of ranching, modern agriculture, and the cowboy spirit with authenticity and ample grace.

The spring of 2025 will bring the release of my debut book, The Soul of a Cowboy. Writing this book took me on a journey of over 12,000 miles of both smooth and very rugged terrain to gather the raw and authentic stories of working cowboys. These aren't only tales of cow and horse wrecks; they delve deep into the heart of the cowboy culture, exploring the challenges of deep regrets, insurmountable odds, grief, alcoholism, and the suffocating grip of struggling for self-reliance.

Amidst the dust and turmoil of their lives, something truly remarkable is uncovered: the transformative power of faith.

These cowboys, whose occupation is as tangible as the dirt beneath their boots, share how they found Jesus Christ and how His presence has radically reshaped their existence. No longer bound by self-condemnation and guilt, they live with a newfound sense of purpose and freedom.

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Brands that represent who we are as a family are the Cross leaning M's, the Slash 7 open A, Jess' daddy, Chapo McCabe's brand, the LM Spear, and Jess' granddaddy, Jess McCabe's brand, the Bar 3T. The brands of the next generation are the MP Spear and the JH connected. In the cowboy world, cattle and horse brands are like heirlooms, and we are forever proud that these are ours.