Joycesarah and Jess. Over 30 years of marriage. Still the greatest of friends. Still choosing love every day and still in love. Both have a passion for sharing Jesus, speaking truth, and bringing encouragement and hope in the love of the Lord.

We would consider it an honor to get to meet you and are available to speak either singly for your Men's Retreat or Conference, or Woman's Retreat or Conference, or together at your Marriage Retreat or Conference.

Joycesarah McCabe

I can’t tell you how glad I am that you stopped by. I know the world is a busy place, and I also know that it feels kind of crazy for many of you. I’ve felt that way so many times myself. But because of Jesus, I’ve spent the last several years off the rollercoaster. Take heart dear one, it is possible! That doesn’t mean life is always "perfect," and nothing stressful or crazy ever happens. It just means I've learned to let go a little quicker and to trust the Father a lot more!

Jess McCabe
Jess is the only son of a cowboy who was the son of a cowboy who was a son of a cowboy. Raising beef cattle and a few good horses is what these men have done for a living for generations, as Jess still does today. While his heritage is important to him, what matters more is his family and, most especially, his love and commitment to Jesus Christ. You will find him quick-witted and full of stories and examples of how the Lord reveals Himself through wildlife and livestock and living off the land. He is plain-spoken and completely unashamed of his faith.